9m’s innovation model is more than a process, but a strategy that will help guide your organization into becoming the market leader. It is a research-based methodology that has been validated in the field.

Beginning with culture, 9m diagnoses the current environment and impediments to innovation. Next, the focus moves to team development by achieving cognitive diversity and high performing team dynamics. 9m then customizes facilitated events that focus on creative pinnacles in areas that range from strategic planning and business development to problem-solving and product development. Lastly, 9m helps execute the creation process applying an agile project management approach.

Once you’ve identified the roadmap of where you want to go, 9m’s signature planning model, GTP, will manage that journey. An agile project model that establishes an aligned planning structure connecting an organization’s concept and vision to its weekly deliverables, the process is centered on team planning which elicits organizational wide engagement, accountability, and ownership. The product is a facilitated planning session, the designed project plan, and the facilitation of the first month of the project.

The creative spark is a pinnacle moment when the lightning bolt of clarity reveals itself. 9m has dedicated 20-years of research and practice on understanding how to enable that moment in others. With research-backed methods and facilitation mastery, 9m will design and facilitate a personalized experience for your team that will unlock the insights and concepts needed to create a disruptive change. This typically takes one to five days in a live session.

Environment Assessment

Innovation & Creativity consulting

Building Environments of Innovation

Innovation Facilitation

Team Formation & Building

Innovation Planning

At the heart of every great innovation is the core of a high performing team. 9m will assist the team through the understanding of the current environment, the team dynamic, and interactions. The team will then be guided through training, coaching, and possible recommendations for restructuring of the team. This typically takes two weeks to guide the team through the assessment and to accomplish the development.

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Innovation & Creativity Enablement

Disruptive change cannot occur without an understanding of the roots of the organization. 9m will evaluate the operational model, office set-up, team interactions, and leadership behaviors using a variety of approaches. The end product is an assessment report with high-level strategies to enhance innovation performance. This typically takes two weeks to perform the assessment and to compile the findings.