Organizations will see benefits in the areas of:

  • Understand cultural enhancers and detractors to the enablement of creativity
  • Full comprehension of their operational model and the flow of communications and how that impacts innovation in their organization
  • Analysis of the team dynamics in place that make an impact
  • Exploration of leadership behaviors that can be enhanced or suppressed to unlock greater ideation
  • A comprehensive strategy detailing key actions for organizational enlightenment

Environmental COnsulting

The model focuses on the four key evaluation areas of Organizational Culture, Operational Models, Team Dynamics, and Leadership Behaviors. Within each evaluation area, five key attributes are analyzed using a variety of methods to include: Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys, Observations, and Market Analysis

Building Environments of Innovation


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Innovation Culture

Explanation of the  Model

Disruptive change cannot occur without an understanding of the roots of the organization. 9m will evaluate the operational model, culture, team interactions, and leadership behaviors using a variety of approaches. The end product is an assessment report with high-level strategies to enhance innovation performance. This typically takes two weeks to perform the assessment and to compile the findings.

Assessment Process

9m Consulting

9m Consulting is not made up of knowledgeable salesmen, but of experts in the innovation domain, our focus is on the issue and not on the 2nd sale in trying to create a continuous revenue stream. Our Organizational Assessment varies from other models in the field as it originated on a research-based construct. Breaking the innovation environment into four distinct areas of Culture, Operations, Team, and Leadership the model is able to dissect each area to determine the positives and detractors of innovation in an organization. Using a mixed methods approach, it incorporates qualitative and quantitative research methods to make the determination.

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Strategy lives or dies on the foundation of the culture. We'll help you build that foundation