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9m Consulting

Guerrilla Tactical Planning

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Transition Planning

9m applies a customizable transition planning process used by leaders during their first 100 days in position. During this critical time, the transition plan will shape the organization's new culture and behaviors building a foundation for long term success

Distilling Action Out of Creative Ambiguity

9m Consulting specializes in organizing chaos & implementing innovative solutions. Experts in Traditional & Agile project management, 9m can assist your organization through project consultation, management, or supplementing your project team

Creativity needs vision, vision needs a plan. We specialize in making your dream, a reality

GTP is 9m's signature planning model that applies a process that establishes an aligned planning structure connecting an organization's vision to its weekly deliverables. The methodology is centered on team planning which elicits organizationally wide engagement, accountability, and ownership